Frocester Parish Council has two bank accounts and the most recent statements are shown here:

Statement 20191121 (1)
Statement 20191121 (2)

The audited annual returns are shown here:

Notice for the exercise of public rights 2018-19
FPC AGAR 2018-2019
Notice for the exercise of public rights 2017-18
FPC AGAR 2017-18
Conclusion of Audit 2017
FPC Audit 2017-1
FPC Audit 2017-2
FPC Audit 2017-3
FPC Audit 2016-03-31
FPC Audit 2015-03-31
FPC Audit 2014-03-31
FPC Audit 2013-03-31

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge on developers and land owners made when liable planning permissions are implemented. It allows Collecting Authorities to help fund the infrastructure that is needed as a result of development. The Community Infrastructure Levy annual return for Frocester Parish Council is a nil return since the parish falls outside of the district settlement hierarchy and is categorised as open countryside:

CIL Annual Report